Hans Knöchel

SDK Fundamentals

SDK Fundamentals COMPLETED: 30%

The SDK Fundamentals Learning Path offers module-based assessment training that helps to equip developers with the knowledge they need to build, debug and test apps. At the successful conclusion of this learning path, students will receive an SDK Fundamentals certificate and a digital badge (based on Mozilla Open Badges) verifying achievement. Training is most effective with participants from application development, quality, and architecture teams.

Alloy OverviewAlloy Cross-Platform StrategiesAndroid Deep DiveAnimationsApp ConfigurationApp Inter-connectionsAppcelerator ArrowDBAlloy Models and CollectionsDebuggingDeploymentDistributionFilesystemGeolocationiOS Deep DiveJavaScriptMappingMultimediaUsing Native Platform ModulesNetworkingPerformance OptimizationOrientation and GesturesAppcelerator Platform OverviewAppcelerator PlatformAppcelerator StudioTableViews and ListViewsUser InputsUser Interface and ExperienceUI/UX DesignWebViewsWidgets